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Employees in the growth and development of the East Bay is mainly reflected in its work performance, work capacity and development potential. Companies through the implementation of a series of career development plans, to provide employees with career development platform and opportunities to help employees improve their career literacy and technical ability to achieve self-worth.

In order to balance the management personnel and professional personnel training and development, reflect the talent evaluation of fairness and openness, the east bay implement dual channel career development pattern, to the staff to provide the following two different career development:

Professional (technical) line: refers to a certain or several related areas, the continuous deepening of the development, the pursuit of professional skills to enhance, to become the professional authority in the field as the goal.

Management: refers to the leadership, coordination and team members to work to guide the overall work of the team to carry out, responsible for the task of achieving the objectives of the team.


The company encourages and supports the development of employees within the organization. Company through the internal position release platform (recruitment bar, WeChat, QQ group, etc.) released the relevant recruitment information, meet the conditions of the employees can apply for the appropriate position. The employee can also recommend the right person for the job. Recommended by the person who has been successfully employed and through the employment assessment, the recommended person can get the recommended award.

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