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To create an environment of "heavy" talent: create a "respect talent, create" talent atmosphere, Qi Zhua is a member of the party committees, the whole pipe top-level design, promote top-down talent work.

To build a platform of "lead" talent: "globalization, diversification and Guangju" to attract top talent, full participation, recruit talent.

Zhuchaoyinfeng "stay" talent: adhere to the human relations soaked enterprise culture, retain talent with a career, heart, salary.

Relying on college education talent: adhere to the concept of innovation, practical goals, comprehensive framework, and lay a solid foundation of personnel training, training funds in full funding.

The innovation mechanism of "poly" Talents: adhere to the overall progress, key breakthrough, innovative talent work mechanism, compatible with open mind gathered all kinds of talents.

Remarkable achievements, "Akira" talent: through the reform and innovation of talent system and mechanism, strengthen talent management services, global vision to attract the talent, bringing together talented person's wisdom and creation.

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